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Travelling with kids

Travelling to such beautiful places as Grande Prairie or Dawson Creek is exciting. However, getting out of your comfort zone might be stressful, especially if you're doing it with kids. While there's the thrill of adventure, not knowing what to expect and trying to take everyone's needs and preferences into account can be a real challenge.


You've heard it before but the key to travelling with kids is planning. However, whether you're an adult or a kid, nothing kills the fun of travelling like a rigid schedule. Still, thinking ahead about what you want to do or see, where you want to go and what you'll need to pack will relieve a lot of the stress.

First things first
Once you know the area you want to visit, your first move is to choose a place to stay. There are hotels, inns, motels, campgrounds, etc. With kids, a motor inn or a motel room can be an economic choice, especially if you choose one with a kitchenette where you can make breakfast and pack a lunch for your expeditions. Make sure to include snacks in smaller portions and reusable bottles with water or juice. You can also prepare meals and freeze them in advance. Just reheat them when you get back to your room after a day out having fun.

On the road
While travelling, make sure to plan short stops every couple of hours if you're driving long distances. Take these opportunities to stretch everyone's legs, go for a quick bathroom break and maybe get a healthy snack. Eating outside of the car will also cut down on potential messes to clean. And if you happen to be near a roadside attraction or a beautiful vista, make sure to take plenty of pictures!

Try to vary your activities.
• Outdoors and indoors, depending on the weather.
• Longer activities, like a day at the park, and shorter ones, like a visit at the museum.
• Some more physical, like climbing or trekking, others less so, like a boat ride or watching a show.
• Make sure to plan some free time, some alone time and some family time in between your activities.
• Brush up on some games that don't require any material (memory games, word games, guessing games) for when you're on the move but also pack a deck of cards or a family favorite game.

Now that you've thought about the various aspects of your trip, it's time to make it happen. Give us a call at The Lodge Motor Inn and bring your family to one of our locations in Grande Prairie or Dawson Creek!

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