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Motel vs. Hotel: Which Is Right for You?

It’s time to end the stigma around motels! Contrary to popular belief, many motels offer home-style comfort and quality accommodations. Yes, they may lack the swanky décor and upscale services characteristic of urban hotels, but their affordable prices and easy access to major highway and interstate systems make them an ideal choice for road trippers, business travellers and long-distance truckers. Whether you’re stopping over en route to your final destination or looking for a place to stay while doing business far away from home, here are five reasons why you should ditch the hotel in favour of a motel stay:

1. Affordability. Motels are an excellent choice for any individual who can’t afford the high price of hotels. Hotels provide paid lodging in addition to a number of other services and amenities (restaurants, bars, swimming pools, spas, fitness centres, conference halls, etc.). These added perks are reflected in the overall price, making hotels a more expensive choice. While motels are less likely to offer specialized services, they cater to people’s basic needs with clean and comfortable accommodations at budget-friendly prices. 

2. Location. Motels are usually located near major highways or on the outskirts of town, making them a convenient stopover for travellers in dire need of rest. In contrast, hotels populate urban centres and are commonly found near airports, main attractions and commercial hubs, making them an ideal choice for longer getaways. 

3. Parking. A lodging facility that traditionally caters to guests arriving by automobile, motels provide ample (and free!) parking space. Guests usually access their rooms directly from the parking lot for easy coming and going. Because many hotels are situated in bustling city centres, parking space is limited and often comes at an additional cost—not to mention you’ll need to wait for the valet to fetch your car every time you intend on taking it for a spin. 

4. Peace and quiet. Motels are traditionally two-storey or low-rise buildings with 50 or so rooms. Hotels can contain hundreds of rooms and dozens of floors, complete with staircases, elevators and internal corridors. Not only do motels offer greater accessibility, but fewer rooms make for a quieter environment, allowing you to kick back and relax, stress-free. 

5. Home-style comfort. In some motels, a handful of rooms come with kitchenettes and other apartment-like amenities for increased comfort and convenience. The Lodge Motor Inn, for example, offers motel accommodations equipped with spacious kitchenettes at the Grande Prairie location. Guests can store perishables, prepare fresh, home-cooked meals and enjoy a midnight snack, all while saving money that would have otherwise been spent at overpriced restaurants. 

Ultimately, your choice of accommodation will depend on your needs, budget and length of stay. If you’re looking for affordability, convenience and proximity to nearby attractions in Dawson Creek, consider booking your stay, whether short- or long-term, at The Lodge Motor Inn or Northwinds Lodge! Located just off the freeway, our motel accommodations in Dawson Creek offer accessible comfort for families and single travellers alike. 

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