Travelling on a budget in Dawson Creek

How to travel (comfortably) on a budget

One possible obstacle to reaching your travel goals is money. Though there are dozens of tips out there on how to have the trip you want on a shoestring budget, not everyone wants to work odd jobs or stay in a hostel. Here are some simple guidelines for travelling comfortably on a budget.

Plan ahead

Booking in advance often saves money, so plan your travel itinerary ahead of time. Prices will also fluctuate depending on the season, and one way to save is to plan your trip for an off-peak time of the year. This doesn’t always mean you have to go when the weather is at its worst. If a location’s peak is from June to August, for example, it may be cheaper to go in September or October when the days are cooler but still pleasant. Research your destination so you can plan for the best possible trip on your budget.

Go with a motel
Motels or lodges are comfortable, and especially easy to reach for those travelling by road. They’re also more affordable than many hotels, while offering similar amenities. Motels are also great for traveling as a family, often offering connecting rooms like the ones in our Dawson Creek motels.

Get off the beaten path

The most visited travel destinations are often the most expensive. This holds true even within a city or town; the priciest restaurants and shops will always be the ones closest to the major tourist attractions, while cheaper and often better ones can be found farther afield.

Do what the locals do

Locals know their towns best. Whether you’re looking for cheap eats, free entertainment or inexpensive ways to get from point A to point B, consult someone who lives in your destination for the best ways to save money.

Book smart
While booking sites do make travel easier, they’re not necessarily saving you money. It’s worth it to double-check with the hotel or travel company to make sure the prices on the booking site are really cheaper than booking directly. If you do use a booking site, open it in an incognito browser window; tracking cookies on your computer can alter the prices you see depending on your previous visits to the site.

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