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How to choose a good lodge?

You've dreamed of going on vacation all year long and now, it's finally time to make it real. Or maybe you're just passing through the Dawson Creek area and you want to take a break from the road. One thing is sure, the first thing you need to do is to decide where you'll sleep. There are many good motels out there so, how do you go about choosing the best motor inn for you?

Your needs

In order to choose the perfect accommodation, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Do you need a motel that's close to a specific attraction? Do you want an accommodation with specific features like cable TV or air conditioning? Do you have special needs like wheelchair accessibility or maybe your pets are tagging along? Do you have any time constraints (dates, time of arrival, etc.)?

Your budget
Once you've determined what you need, the next question is: what can you afford? Keep in mind that room prices may be cheaper at one place but you might have to pay extra for parking or some other feature. A room with a kitchenette might look more expensive but it could be a real bargain with all the money saved by not eating out all the time. Location might also have an impact on your costs; having to drive an extra 20 minutes or 30 kilometers can make a seemingly cheaper room much less of a bargain.

What do you want to do?
If you're only passing through an area, a good clean bed and perhaps a coffee place nearby might be enough for you. However, if you plan on staying a few days, you will want to know about other places of interest that could be nearby. You might want to be close to parks and nature for hiking or wildlife observation. Perhaps special landmarks are a passion for you and you want to be able to say to your friends "Hey! I was there." Or, maybe you're into shopping, sports, artistic and cultural activities. In all those cases, you will surely want your accommodation to be close to the action.

Now that you have considered all those important aspects of your upcoming trip, you're ready to go forward and book your stay. Call us now at The Lodge Motor Inn in Dawson Creek or Grande Prairie, and let us be your home away from home.

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