6 Benefits of Having a Kitchenette in Your Lodge

We all want to feel comfortable when travelling, and hotel rooms are great for putting your feet up, getting clean after a long day, or even just sitting around watching TV. One thing most hotel rooms are missing, however, is a kitchen. However, some lodges, such as our Grande Prairie Motor Inn, offer kitchenettes, and we think they’re the unsung heroes of travel. Here are six reasons why you could use a kitchenette on your next trip.

1. Breakfast anytime

Getting up early or leaving late? You don’t need to wait for the hotel breakfast if you’ve got a kitchenette. You can pour yourself a bowl of cereal with milk, have some yogurt, or even cook bacon and eggs.

2. Save money
Being able to cook your own meals saves you money, as you won’t need to eat all yours meals at restaurants. Eating out every night can take a significant chunk from your travel budget, and groceries are much cheaper.

3. Accommodate your dietary needs
If you have an allergy or intolerance, or follow a special diet for personal reasons, a kitchenette offers you the opportunity to make meals that meet your needs.

4. Buy local foods and keep them fresh
If you’re a foodie who likes to sample the local cheese or produce, having a kitchenette is a great way to keep things from going to waste. Just pop them in the fridge and eat the rest later.

5. Travelling with kids becomes easier
Making formula or heating up a bottle is virtually impossible in most hotel rooms, so if you have an infant, a kitchenette is the way to go. If your kids are picky eaters, taking them out instead of cooking can be a challenge. Having a fridge to store their favourites and a stove to cook simple kid meals takes a lot of the stress out of travelling with kids.

6. Great for tea drinkers
Most hotel rooms offer a coffee maker, but for tea drinkers, there’s simply no replacement for a good old-fashioned kettle. Making tea in a coffee pot is technically possible, but it usually winds up tasting like a coffee-tea hybrid. Being able to boil water is also great for making hot chocolate or instant meals.

If you’re looking for Grande Prairie motels with kitchenettes, we’re happy to help! Contact us at The Lodge Motor Inn.

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