Useful things to pack for your Grande Prairie accommodation

10 Useful things you might not think to pack

At our Grand Prairie motels, we know our travel basics: clothes, socks, and don’t forget your underwear! But there are plenty of things that you can pack to make your travel experience better. Here are ten of our favourite things to help keep you clean, organized and prepared on your travels.

1. Travel-size bottles

Even if you’re not flying, investing in travel-size toiletry bottles can be a huge space saver in your luggage. Great for packing moisturizer, sunscreen, or any of those other toiletries you can’t go a day without.

2. A wet/dry bag
A wet/dry bag will allow you to keep wet items in one sealed compartment, while storing dry items in another. No more damp clothes!

3. A packable tote bag
You’ll inevitably end up having to carry extra stuff at one point. Whether it’s snacks or souvenirs, a reusable tote bag will come in handy and is more eco-friendly than plastic.

4. Wet wipes
They’re not just for babies: they’re for all those times you get messy and don’t have access to a sink.

5. An actual map
Yes, we all have devices in our pockets that can map the entire world in an instant. But what happens if you’re out of cell range and you get lost? Pack a map of the region you’re travelling in, just in case.

6. Copies of your travel documents
Make a copy of your passport or insurance information and keep it separately from the original documents. If anything is lost or stolen, these will come in handy.

7. A pack of cards
On a rainy day, a pack or two of playing cards can be a great way to pass the time, or to socialize with new people.

8. A hat
Nobody wants a sunburn on their scalp! Pack a hat or baseball cap for sunny days, even if it’s not especially hot outside.

9. A book
Travel invariably involves some downtime. Pack a book or load your e-reader or tablet with a few that you’ve been meaning to read.

10. Dry shampoo
Sometimes, you just can’t wash your hair right away. Refresh greasy hair with a spritz of dry shampoo. Most pharmacies will have it, and it’s often available in travel size.

If you’re looking for quiet and comfortable Grand Prairie accommodation, we’ll be happy to welcome you at the Lodge Motor Inn. Contact us today to book your stay.

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